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Air Conditioner Maintenance

Keep Your AC Working at Its Peak with Regular Maintenance

Just like you need to get the oil changed in your car, it’s important to get annual maintenance for your heater and air conditioner. These systems have a big job to do considering our hot summers and cold winters. You want to make sure your systems are ready to heat and cool your home before the heating and cooling seasons begin.

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What Is Included In Our Seasonal Maintenance Plan?

Our USA Maintenance program provides you with a 16 point system inspection performed by our certified technicians. Additional and upgraded filter services are available upon request. Our USA Maintenance Program Includes:

Residential Maintenance Agreement

Improved Efficiency of Unit • 10% Discount Off Repair ServiceExtend Equipment Life • Report on Condition of Unit each visit

AirFlow Conditioning will furnish all labor to perform the inspection and routine preventive maintenance only. All labor, parts, and materials required for repairs will be billed to you at our standard rate, less a discount of 10%.

Routine Inspections Will Include The Following Check List:

  • Check and replace all filters if filters are provided by customer.

  • Check operating refrigerant pressures.

  • Check safety controls, i.e. float switches.

  • Clean outdoor condenser coil if needed.

  • Check indoor evaporator coil condition.

  • Clean out drain pan.

  • Clean out condensate drain line.

  • Check blower wheel.

  • Check thermostat calibration.

  • Check all electrical connections.

  • Check voltage and amperage on motors.

  • Run Efficiency Test.

  • Check water flow (on water cooled systems only)

Why is AC Maintenance Important?

Air conditioning maintenance is vital to the longevity and efficiency of your system. If you neglect your AC for months or even years, you risk severe malfunctions or a complete system failure that could put your family’s health and safety in jeopardy.

With our support, you get:

Equipment protection and extending the life of your AC unit:

AC maintenance service from AirFlow Conditioning helps extend the lifespan of your system and protects your delicate equipment long-term.

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Energy savings and the efficiency of your AC unit:

Are your monthly energy bills starting to increase significantly? Routine AC maintenance can help reduce energy costs and keep your system from overworking unnecessarily. Our goal is to help your AC unit operate for the average 10-15 year operation expectancy.

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Financial savings on repairs

When your unit isn’t working at peak efficiency, this may indicate that an internal mechanism or component is broken. Without maintenance, you would never know that your air conditioner is working overtime to compensate for the issue.

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Maintenance Plans Can Save You Money

AC maintenance in Miami, FL, is essential to the efficiency of your air conditioner. Our maintenance plans add a valuable solution to your monthly utility bills. Regular maintenance keeps your system working efficiently, potentially decreasing your utility bills and prolonging the life of your system. You'll also reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns requiring our emergency assistance.

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